Step 1 - Finding my way to get the best work placement

HEYYYY! I hope you guys are missing meeee! So in the last few months, I have been researching and emailing fashion industries, reading all different of blogs and fashion news,, going out to different shops such as Bicester Village, Oxford City Centre and Oxford Street and so on.

The main reason why I was doing this because I was looking for an internship or a placement. Yes, finding a fashion placement is difficult. For me, it was even more difficult because I am hearing impaired. But that doesn't stop me.

Despite having to meet the career office in my university every time, I still show my CV and cover letter to my family/friends. This is because each of them have a different field eg some relatives has accounting jobs and they checked each words on my CV and adding better vocabulary, changing sentences, adding facts, keeping each layout consistent and so on. I would definitely recommend getting your CV checked by a tutor, family, friends or even your retail manager!

I have had many, MANY interviews and I love every single one that I went to. I can definitely tell that I have applied at least 100 applications.

Now, I have to decide how to travel to my work place, how much it will costs me, what I need to do on my first day and other research. I notice fashion companies are accepting me because I have already got work experiences such as retail, fashion designer assistant, runway curator, modelling, photography, illustrations, designing and many different volunteering jobs.

Currently, I am working at Bicester Village. The reason why I am working there is because I want to make more connections with the head offices and this can give me a higher chance of working with them for my year out or even the future.


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